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How to find a shoe that fitsUpdated 2 years ago

Why should I measure my feet? I know my shoe size.

  1. Depending on the brand, between 8-20% of people purchase the wrong size shoes

  2. Your feet change size through the day

  3. Your feet are not the exact same - one will be bigger than the other!

  4. "Standard" shoe sizes change between brands

How to measure your feet.

You'll need

  1. Two pieces of paper

  2. Pen or pencil

  3. A ruler


  • Measure in the afternoon - your feet will be the largest then!

  • Measure while wearing your favourite MTB socks!

1. Firmly step one foot onto a piece of paper & trace the front and rear of your foot

2. Measure the length of your foot with the ruler from the back of your heel to your longest toe (usually the big or second toe). Write down the length (in mm)

3. Measure your second foot the same way. Write it down!

4. Take the length of your longest foot as your measurement.

You can then use this measurement against the size guide for the shoes you are looking at to ensure you get a shoe that is going to be the right size.

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