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7 Day Price GuaranteeUpdated 2 years ago

We like to keep our prices as competitive as possible at all times. Sometimes we are able to lower our prices that little bit further (such as when stock becomes superseded and our supplier is clearing out items). If that happens, and you just bought the item at a higher price - you might be a bit disappointed.

That's why we offer a 7 Day Price Guarantee. If the price goes down on the exact same item and you contact us within 7 days of purchase, we'll refund the difference in the form of a gift voucher. So if you placed an order on a Tuesday, simply contact us on or before the following Tuesday with details of your purchase and the item in question and we'll get you sorted!

Please note the guarantee does not apply in the case of storewide, category-wide or brand-wide promotions (e.g. a 10% off storewide sale, or off all Shimano, or off all shoes or large scale sales across 1000's of items). The guarantee does not apply to eBay sales. Guarantee is applicable to in-stock products only.

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